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The goal of the National Day on Writing has always been to “draw attention to the remarkable variety of writing we engage in, and to help writers from all walks of life recognize how important writing is to their lives.”

One of our goals for Celebrating Writing Eastern Kentucky (#WEKY) has been to engage the writers of our region in these (and more) conversations about writing. We will do so through three cycles of discussions:

Conversation Cycle 1 (Oct. 16-Oct. 23): #WriteMyCommunity

This is the 2014 National Day On Writing theme. Write about your community in whatever way that appeals to you: Celebrate your community, write a dream for your community, describe your community, define your community, challenge your community. We hope to see conversations about your school community as well as your geographical community and wherever else you find community. Tweet your thoughts using the #WriteMyCommunity hashtag to join the national conversation and the #WEKY hashtag to join our regional conversation.

Conversation Cycle 2 (Oct. 24-Oct. 31): #WhyIWrite | #WhatIWrite

We will revisit the 2011 National Day on Writing theme #WhyIWrite which brought more than 23,000 Tweets on the subject. The #WhyIWrite hashtag is still active today demonstrating how the question continues to resonate with writers today. You might also enjoy this video collage of reasons for writing. Please join our regional conversation using the #WEKY hashtag.

We will also revisit the 2012 National Day on Writing theme #WhatIWrite which brought in responses from journalists as well as students. The #WhatIWrite hashtag is not as active, but we believe it is important to celebrate all the many forms of writing we create every day. Please join our regional conversation using the #WEKY hashtag.

Conversation Cycle 3 (Nov. 1-Nov. 8): #Write2Connect

We will conclude with a renewal of the 2013 National Day on Writing topic #Write2Connect. The #Write2Connect hashtag still shares many conversations from last year, but we believe this is an important conversation as writing allows us to connect to each other, to ideas, and so much more. How do you #Write2Connect? Please join our regional conversation using the #WEKY hashtag.

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