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How To Be

Our final round of fun with words will involve writing “How To Be” pieces. These are not the traditional “how to” pieces that involve describing a process or writing instructions to making something, but instead are about HOW TO BE something. For example, how to be you! After all, that is a unique formula that no one else knows as well as you. This is one examples: How to be Deanna Mascle and How to be Christina. Your how to piece can be serious – focusing on something that you want to become, such as this how to be a better writer – or they can be fun such as this example how to be a zombie survivor. Check out this “How to be me guide” to follow one writer’s process. Not sure if you can do this? Then check out this “How to be a writer” for inspiration.

Your challenge for this round is to create and share a “how to be” project! Don’t forget to use the #WEKY hashtag and to share your work through one of the #WEKY channels via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or the Web.


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