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Global Graffiti: Writing for change

Exploring and experimenting with language

to change yourself and to change the world

2016-global-graffiti-logoDuring the Morehead Writing Project summer writing camps, young writers from primary through high school will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Freewriting
  • Writing workshop
  • Writing group
  • Publication

Camp activities will also include:

  • Skills lessons
  • Peer and adult support to develop finished writing
  • Using computers to draft, revise and create
  • Using technology to create and publish writing
  • Camps will be led by certified teachers with advanced National Writing Project training and include support from Morehead State University  Education students.

In 2016, we will offer four camps in three locations and serve three different age groups:

  • Maysville Young Writer’s Camp (grades 1-6): June 6th-10th, 9 am-noon at Straub Elementary School in Maysville (Jennifer Kidd-instructor)
  • MSU Intermediate Writer’s Camp (grades 4-8): June 13th -17th, 9 am- 2 pm. at MSU Combs (Abby Thomas – instructor)
  • Montgomery County Intermediate Writer’s Camp (grades 4-8): June 20th-24th, 9 am – 2 pm at Montgomery County High School (Mallory Howard-instructor)
  • Montgomery County Teen Writer’s Camp (grades 9-12): June 20th-24th, 9 am – 2 pm at Montgomery County High School (Abby Thomas-instructor)

Registration fees of $80 ($55 for Maysville camp thanks to FRC) include:

  • Global Graffiti t-shirt
  • Flash drive
  • Global Graffiti journal
  • Global publication

Advance registration by June 3 is required using our online registration form. If you are unable to register online make arrangements with the camp leader or contact Kelli Besselman at .

Payment should be received before the first day of camp.

Note: Lunch is provided at all sites with the exception of the MSU camp


Learn more about the 2013 camp here

Learn more about the 2012 camps here

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