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Join the National Writing Project ranks this summer

The Morehead Writing Project is holding its sixth annual Online Summer Institute this June and we invite educators from kindergarten through college and across disciplines to join our 2016 cohort.

National Writing Project professional development has proven to be among the best professional development available in education and NWP teachers agree that the experience is life altering. You can change your life and your teaching in just four weeks!

Join us to learn more about teaching writing, supporting literacy, community building, and using technology to do it!

Five reasons to join us:

  1. NWP PD works: National Writing Project professional development is among the most powerful and effective available today. National studies have shown that the students of NWP teachers outperform the students of non-NWP teachers on tests and are more competent and confident writers in general. These studies demonstrate that professional development programs designed and delivered by NWP sites have a positive effect on the writing achievement of students across grade levels, schools, and contexts. Ask the writing project teachers in your school for their personal testimonials.
  2. KWP PD proven to improve writing instruction: NWP methods have also been proven effective here in Kentucky. A study performed by Terry Hibpshman and Kim Walters-Parker of the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (2012) found that “more effective teachers of writing were more likely to have participated in programs of the National Writing Project” and argued “it seems clear that participation in these activities may be the single most attractive mechanism for improving the quality of writing instruction, both for teacher candidates and for teachers already in the classroom.” Ask the writing project teachers in your school for their personal testimonials.
  3. Practical PD led by real, experienced classroom teachers (that is fun too but we won’t tell if you don’t): Every Online Summer Institute includes writing activities that teachers can then take back to their classrooms. Teachers actively engage in these writing activities and create models they can use in their classrooms. Ask the writing project teachers in your school for their personal testimonials.
  4. Writing teachers must write – be the thing that you teach! If we teach writing then we must write. If we want to create writers then we must be writers. This position is endorsed by the profession, research, and reputable professional organizations such as NCTE and is aptly described in this 2012 Atlantic article “The Best Writing Teachers Are Writers Themselves.” Ask the writing project teachers in your school for their personal testimonials.
  5. Educators need renewal – join a thriving, supportive national network that will support you professionally and personally long after the OSI. Teacher burnout is a real and growing problem. Administrators and teachers cannot change the prevailing national and state focus on testing and accountability and our fight to improve the reputation of all educators will be long, but we can help our teachers reconnect with their profession and purpose in powerful and meaningful ways. Ask the writing project teachers in your school for their personal testimonials.

Learn more here:

Please consider joining us.

Note: Participants must register for either graduate hours or professional development credit. Morehead State University graduate credit is $579 per credit hour (for 3 or 6 credit hours) OR Morehead Writing Project can offer up to 36 hours of professional development credit (for $300). Those interested in simply earning professional development can register online by June 1 and we will be in touch regarding payment (due June 3). Contact us for details.

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