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Morehead WP Celebrates 30 Years With NWP

The Morehead Writing Project was founded in 1986. To mark our 30th anniversary with the National Writing Project, we would like you to help us celebrate the ways that Morehead WP has touched your life by doing what we do best — writing!

Perhaps you might be inspired to write a praise poem about the Morehead Writing Project, one of our events or programs that inspires you, or one of our leaders who has mentored you. (see Deanna Mascle’s praise poem “Praise to the Teacher Writer“)

You may want to craft a Slam Poem such as Taylor Mali’s famous “What Teachers Make” which could in turn inspire a piece about what MWP makes (such as this choral reading created at our 2015 Showcase).

Your words can take whatever form or structure you feel appropriate from poem to essay and be shared in simple text or an audio or video recording or even a digital story. The important thing is that you write/create something to celebrate your journey with the Morehead Writing Project abd share it with us.

We will include your work in our 30th Anniversary Anthology and might also recognize your contribution with a discount to selected MWP events.

Please submit your celebration online by Dec. 10, 2016.

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