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2017 Fall Writing Retreat

Our 2017 Fall Writing Retreat will be 9 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 26, at Carter Caves State Resort Park amphitheater. The theme for the retreat is Writing Rituals: One small step can really change you.

Retreat Coordinator Karen VanKirk promises that this outdoor writing experience will delight your senses with an exploration of Writing Rituals—steps to take before putting pen to paper for both personal and professional work. Participants will examine models from famous authors and current bloggers, as well as past and present educators, writers, and creators.

After a morning of dedicated writing time, creativity ambassador Bex Hall will lead an activity designed to improve the kindness factor in your neck of the woods, classroom, garden club, or little acre. Participants will use words in powerful and inspirational ways (visit The Kindness Rocks Project).

After lunch, poet A.E. Stringer will take us on a poetry walk. And author John Van Kirk will present a unique dossier writing activity. We will end the day with participant readings and the cave scene from Marie Manilla’s work Shrapnel, after which, cave and creek exploration are highly recommended.

Classroom teachers receive 6 hours of Professional Development and lesson plan ideas (see benefits of Morehead WP PD). All participants will take home some great prompts, musical selections designed for inspiring personal writing, and a collection of writing rituals that will last long after the enjoyable session ends.

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Learn more about our 2017 Spring Writing Retreat and 2016 Fall Writing Retreat.

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