Argument Workshop Canceled

Due to the unfolding events regarding the future of education in Kentucky and the resulting protests and rallies scheduled in Frankfort and around the Commonwealth for Saturday, April 14, we have decided to cancel this event. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact us if you are interested in this topic and we will work with you to meet your professional development needs.

The Morehead Writing Project will host a one-day Argument Workshop to help teachers develop strategies to address typical writing concerns for middle, secondary, and post-secondary writers:

  • Selecting appropriate topics
  • Developing suitable claims
  • Locating, evaluating, and using evidence to support their claims
  • Structuring a purposeful argument addressing multiple perspectives

The workshop will be led by Dr. Deanna Mascle, director of the Morehead Writing Project, and will introduce teachers to the resources and strategies of the National Writing Project’s College, Career, and Community Writers Program (C3WP). C3WP is a framework developed by NWP instructors and tested through several iterations until independent research demonstrated its effectiveness.

C3WP was assessed by an independent research firm and SRI’s 2-year random assignment evaluation found consistent program implementation and positive impacts. Despite the challenge of implementing a program in 12 sites across 10 states, the program was implemented with a high degree of fidelity to key components. Instructors took up the materials and approaches presented by the program, and as a result the writing instruction that students experienced in treatment sites was significantly different from that in control sites. Ultimately, the program had a positive, statistically significant effect on the four attributes of student argument writing—content, structure, stance, and conventions—measured by the National Writing Project’s Analytic Writing Continuum for Source-Based Argument. In particular, program students demonstrated greater proficiency in the quality of reasoning and use of evidence in their writing.

The Argument Workshop will be held from 9-4 p.m. on Saturday, April 14, in the Bert Combs Building on the campus of Morehead State University. Advance registration of $50 is required. Lunch not included. The event will earn participants six hours of professional development credit.

Sessions will include creating a culture of argument, developing claims, using source material purposefully to advance arguments, and formative assessment tools and resources. Participants will learn about the C3WP resources and strategies for adapting the tools to their unique class and content.

If you have questions regarding registration or payment please contact MWP program assistant Kelli Besselman (kmbesselman “@” If your school is interested in hosting an Argument Workshop please contact Dr. Deanna Mascle (d.mascle “@”