Digital Stories

What is a digital story?

Digital storytelling” is the practice of using digital tools to tell stories. These digital tools can involve a wide variety of media from videos to still pictures to comic strips, but typically involve some variation of words and pictures and sounds to create a new storytelling experience for writers of all ages.

Digital storytelling can be a large, long-term project, but it can also be fun and playful. We are simply inviting writers to hack their writing – play with the written form and words using technology (remember technology can be as simple as paper and glue!). We invite you to see or make something new with words that already exist in your environment. Remix words and texts to create found poetry. Or write a text and use digital tools such as Zeega and Scratch to hack your writing such as this “How to be a writer”.

Learn more about how and why you can use Digital Storytelling in your classroom.

Your challenge for this round is to create and share a digital story – perhaps you can even hack one of the pieces of #Micropoetry or #FlashFiction you created in earlier rounds. Don’t forget to use the #WEKY hashtag and to share your work through one of the #WEKY channels via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or the Web.