Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is simply short-short stories sometimes called micro fiction, sudden fiction, postcard fiction, or Twitter fiction. Flash fiction is a unique type of story that has been whittled down to its essence, a fragment of a story which leaves a great deal to the imagination of the reader, so it demands and requires the active participation of the reader. That makes flash fiction a wonderful way to celebrate writing.

You can find a variety of examples of flash fiction on the web including 50 Word Stories, 100 Word Story, Nanoism, Six Sentences, and #TwitterFiction, and it turns out the flash fiction is also a favorite form for sharing scary stories! Check out these two-sentence stories just in time for Halloween:

Write and Share Your Flash Fiction

Your challenge is to write and share your #FlashFiction or two-sentence horror story. We urge you to share your work through one of the #WEKY channels via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or the Web.

Take your work to the next level by creating a #FlashFiction poster using your words and an image.

Visit our Flash Fiction and Twitter Fiction prompts for last year on Prezi.