Join the Celebration

There are a number of ways you can participate in 2014 Celebrating Writing Eastern Kentucky. We will offer physical sites through our campus and community partners. Visit any of these locations to write on the Graffiti Walls provided for writers:

On the campus of Morehead State University:

Throughout Eastern Kentucky:

In addition, we will use the #WEKY hashtag on Twitter, our Celebrating Writing Eastern Kentucky page on Facebook, and our Google+ Celebrating Writing Eastern Kentucky community to share our writing as well as to share our conversations about writing. We urge teachers and community groups to share their graffiti walls (whether created electronically or using bulletin boards, white boards, or poster board) by capturing images and videos to share on social media.

Please let us know how you plan to join the celebration of National Day on Writing here in Eastern Kentucky by completing this form. We intend to spotlight writers and graffiti walls throughout Celebrating Writing Eastern Kentucky and want to recognize all the groups participating.