#SmallPoems: Great Writers

Calling all Morehead Writing Project writers!

The Morehead Writing Project is in the throes of planning a very exciting program for Spring 2022. There will be writing, sharing, and publishing opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school writers as well as the teachers, parents, and community members who choose to write with them. So stay tuned to all our Morehead WP channels for more information as our plans develop and pencil in some dedicated writing, sharing, and publishing time into your spring calendars! We haven’t decided on an exact timeline yet but the writing will begin well before National Poetry Month in April – possibly as early as Valentine’s Day.

In the meantime, we hope that you will help us brainstorm some theme ideas for this community writing project. We know that we want to focus our work on writing poetry: #SmallPoems in particular (a community created years ago for NWP’s CLMOOC). We like the creative play that can come from experimenting with short poetic forms and we like the social-emotional learning that occurs when reading, writing, and sharing poetry. That is the energy we hope to capture with this project: creativity, fun, and connection. So help us name this project and help us pick a theme to focus our writing invitations! Leave comments on this blog post. Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook. Let us know!

Leslie Workman of Fairview Elementary, Stacie May of Rowan County Middle; Seth Thatcher of Bath County High; and Deanna Mascle of Morehead State are planning this project so feel free to reach out directly with your ideas.