Teacher Leaders: Reconnect with your writing project community

Are you a National Writing Project teacher in Kentucky? Are you interested in re-engaging with the work of the Kentucky Writing Project Network? This year is the perfect year (NWP’s 50th anniversary) to reconnect with your National Writing Project roots and to engage with the important work of rebuilding the Kentucky Writing Project Network!

The Morehead Writing Project is engaged in the work of rebuilding our network after the pandemic devastated our programs. This work has been complicated by the overwhelming challenges facing P-16 education in the Commonwealth and the nation (challenges always felt more deeply here in Eastern Kentucky). The loss of state funding for the work of the National Writing Project in Kentucky has reduced our state network from eight down to two sites (Morehead and Bellarmine). In the midst of all of this the Kentucky Writing Project underwent two major shifts including bringing new Director Shawn Justice on board and relocating the network to the Kentucky Educational Development Corporation.

Despite all these challenges and transitions, the work of the National Writing Project continues in Kentucky. KentuckyWP continues to contract with school districts to provide embedded professional development and the Louisville Writing Project at Bellarmine continues to offer conferences and institutes. Throughout the pandemic MoreheadWP has continued to offer our Online Summer Institute and thanks to grants from the National Park Service, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the MacArthur Foundation we have been able to offer community programs for our young writers and support the teacher leaders engaged in that work.

Wherever you are located in the state, you can refresh your National Writing Project credentials through the MoreheadWP’s Online Summer Institute (June 10-July 5)! The OSI is 100% online and asynchronous and focuses on building a community to support the teacher as writer, reflective practitioner, researcher, and leader while working with Google tools, HyperDocs, Ungrading, and Project-Based Learning. Participants will also work with leaders to focus their work on solving a problem specific to their teaching context. 

MoreheadWP is hoping to create a web of literacy programs throughout Eastern Kentucky and we are actively seeking Literacy Leadership partnerships to make that dream a reality. The Literacy Leadership program is a great opportunity for experienced NWP teacher leaders to bring a new teacher into the work while developing a program at their school to boost comprehensive literacy, essential skills, and social and emotional learning. Learn more about the programs created during our 2023-2024 Literacy Leadership program. We will accept teachers anywhere in Kentucky into this program and there are matching grants available for teachers located in the eastern half of the state (I-75 corridor and east).

Refresh your writing and teaching skills this summer while helping us rebuild the Kentucky Writing Project Network and supporting the young writers in your school. Everybody wins!