Writing Opportunities

One of the Morehead Writing Project’s primary goals is:

Evangelize for the power and magic of writing as an intrinsic good as well as a powerful force for life, learning, and comprehensive literacy by offering programs for writers of all ages

This goal is one of the reason that the writing marathon has played such an essential goal in the work of our site from Summer Institute to writing retreats. While the onset of the pandemic changed many of our site’s practices, we have leaned into the writing marathon even more by taking a leadership role in the National Writing Project’s Write Across America and beginning our own virtual writing group.

If you are interested in writing in community then we invite you to sign up for one or both of these writing programs:

  • Just Write with the Rebel Cartographers: A weekly virtual writing group that came together during the pandemic and have been writing together ever since (new members always welcome)
  • Write Across America: A virtual writing marathon sponsored by the National Writing Project that began the Summer of 2020 and is on a mission to host “Stops” in all 50 states.

If you are looking for writing invitations to use for yourself or with your students then check out this collection which includes invitations from Write Across America, Just Write, and Dr. Deanna Mascle’s writing classes.