Who Are We?

Every year National Writing Project teachers lead programs where teachers across the nation learn how to help youth research and form arguments, expand their learning beyond the classroom walls, and publish their writing about topics that matter to them. The Morehead Writing Project has been an affiliate of the National Writing Project and a part of the Kentucky Writing Project network since 1986.

The National Writing Project:

  1. Puts teachers’ knowledge to work to improve the teaching of writing
  2. Identifies and supports great teacher-leaders via leadership institutes that mix it up, bringing together experienced teachers of different grade levels and disciplines inviting them to surface their successful practice, activate an inquiry stance toward educational challenges, and innovate and test new approaches and ideas.

The Morehead Writing Project:

  1. Identifies and supports great teacher-leaders to improve the teaching of writing via our annual summer institute and other programs
  2. Evangelizes for the power and magic of writing as an intrinsic good as well as a powerful force for life, learning, and comprehensive literacy by offering programs for writers of all ages

For 2024, Morehead Writing Project’s emphasis will be:

  1. Re-establishing our path to leadership for our teacher-leaders
  2. Cultivating our relationships with pre-service teachers at Morehead State University

Leadership Team:

Director Dr. Deanna Mascle, post-secondary


  • Shawn Justice, Morehead State and Kentucky Writing Project
  • Leslie Workman, Fairview Elementary
  • Mandy Lawson, Warfield Elementary (Martin County)
  • Eric Morris, Mason County High School

Current Programs:

  • Just Write (Rebel Cartographers) Virtual Writing Group: Karen VanKirk
  • Online Summer Institute: Leslie Workman
  • MacArthur Grant (NWP)/Power Your Story/Summer Arts Academy: Alora Chesney and Eric Morris (with Seth Thatcher, Lindsay Johnson, and Lisa Creech)
  • Literacy Leadership (Kentucky Writing Project grant): Shawn Justice, Mandy Lawson, Leslie Workman (with Samantha Maynard, Alexis Fugate, Amberly Wilson)
  • Small Poems, Great Writers: Deanna Mascle
  • American Creed (NWP): Citizen Power: Seth Thatcher
  • Write Across America (NWP): Deanna Mascle
  • Leadership Transition Network (NWP): Deanna Mascle and Eric Morris

Stay Updated:

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Office Location

315 Breckinridge, Morehead State University Morehead, KY 40351

Mailing Address

Morehead Writing Project
150 University Blvd.
Morehead, KY 40351