Small Poems, Great Writers Returns!

The Morehead Writing Project is once again offering a spring writing marathon with the return of Small Poems, Great Writers. Are you ready to write, craft, and publish some small poems with us this spring? If so then visit the 2023 Small Poems, Great Writers web site to learn more and review materials as they become available.

The 2023 Small Poems, Great Writers event will run through National Poetry Month (April!) and will culminate with an invitation-only celebration on April 29 at the Rowan County Arts Center. Participating teachers and writing group leaders will receive materials to support their writers through three stages:

  • Create and Celebrate (including nine writing invitations)
  • Craft and Critique (resources to shape journal entries into small poems)
  • Curate and Publish (support and publication opportunities)

Small Poems: Great Writers is open to all writers of all ages in our Morehead Writing Project community. We hope Morehead WP teachers will involve their students of all ages and we hope our adult writers from preservice to retired teachers and those who just love to write will join us too.

National Writing Project teachers know that writing in community offers many benefits including developing critical literacy skills, building power skills, and supporting social emotional health.

Building the 2023 Small Poems, Great Writers slow marathon into your 2023 Spring Semester curriculum will offer you the opportunity to meet multiple academic standards with minimal class time.

Teachers and writing group leaders are invited to sign up here to receive support materials, invitations, and put your writers on the map! You choose the pace and timing of your group’s participation.

Several teachers had the opportunity to meet and write with Morehead State University pre-service teachers already. Come join us to explore these writing invitations before you share them with your students and connect with pre-service teachers eager to work with your students!

Questions? Reach out to Deanna Mascle, Shawn Justice, or Seth Thatcher.