Holocaust and Social Justice Seminar June 13-17

The Ohio University Appalachian Writing Project and Kentucky Writing Project State Network are offering a Holocaust and Social Justice Education Seminar June 13-17 at Ohio State University.

Three National Writing Project Network Certified Holocaust Educators will guide participants through an interactive workshop using survivor testimony, primary source documents, and proven instructional materials designed to encourage students to find parallels between the social injustices of the Holocaust, modern genocides, and their own experiences.

Participants will interact with resources that promote students’ accountability for the own roles on the stage of social justice while meeting school-wide literacy goals and national common core standards.

Guest speakers this year will include: Irving Roth, Holocaust survivor and nationally recognized speaker and author; Gatsinzi Basanenyenzi, Rwandan refugee and professor at Alabama A&M; and Jill Rembrandt and Deborah Batiste of the Anti-Defamation League.

Participants will also receive books, jump drives loaded with materials and resources, and the Echoes and Reflections curriculum from ADL, among other things.

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