Just Write With Us

The Morehead Writing Project has renamed its virtual writing group (which has met under various names since March 2020) and moved the management of the membership list to Mailchimp (use this link to sign up for the group). Although we have reorganized under a consistent name, do not fear, we are still the Rebel Cartographers at heart: writing our way home.

We are a group of writers that came together during the pandemic and have found our community of writers. Some writers joined in Spring 2020 when the Morehead Writing Project hosted Dispatches From Home and others were inspired by the National Writing Project’s #WriteAcrossAmerica and #WriteOut programs to join the group when it revived in November 2020. We gather under the umbrella of the National Writing Project, but consider this a community outreach project which means we welcome writers of all ages and walks of life.

Check out our Pandemic Prompt Collection to learn more about our writing invitations. We model our writing sessions on the virtual writing marathon format that developed during #WriteAcrossAmerica. We begin with an invitation to write, but writers can choose their own topic for the evening whether it is drawing inspiration from the invitation or what is loud in their head. We then embark on 2-3 rounds of writing and sharing usually in a breakout room with a small group of 3-4 writers. We then return to the group and share selected writings. Typically we are together for about 2 hours of socializing, writing, and sharing. This is a very informal writing group and our only purpose is to spend a few hours escaping with our writing every week.

You will receive an invitation to join our writing group each week, but do not worry if life keeps you away for one week or several. As long as you remain subscribed to this list you will receive your invitation to the weekly Zoom and the writing invitation that we used for that week. You can unsubscribe from the list at any time. Sign up for the Just Write mailing list if you want to write with us or just receive a weekly writing invitation.