Morehead WP Brings Writing Back To SAA

The Morehead Writing Project brought the writing interest area back to the Summer Arts Academy in 2022. The 2022 Morehead State University Summer Arts Academy returned to campus after a pandemic hiatus with regional students exploring their interests in art and design, music, theatre, and writing. The SAA ran June 12-18 and culminated in a celebration including a display of work created by the art and design as well as writing students and a concert featuring the music and theatre students.

The SAA Writing interest area was the stand-alone Power Your Story camp for three years thanks to the support of a grant provided by the MacArthur Foundation’s Journalism and Media Program and has now joined the Morehead State Summer Arts Academy team with support provided by the School of English, Communication, Media and Languages.

Convergent media students Kennealy Roberts and Hallie Adams (who attended the Power Your Story journalism camp for two years) provided technical support for the production of Exploring Your Passion At The Summer Arts Academy and Humans of SAA. Special thanks to Morehead State Public Radio.