MWP Writing Retreat 2.0 Will Run Through May

Although the Morehead Writing Project’s Writing Retreat 2.0 began as an attempt to fill the void left by the pandemic-cancelation of MWP’s Spring Writing Retreat, the Facebook community and weekly jam sessions continue to inspire writers throughout Kentucky and beyond the Commonwealth. This popularity has inspired MWP to continue actively posting prompts and hosting jam sessions through the end of May.

According to Site Direct Deanna Mascle, June is a busy time for the site due to its annual Summer Institute which will give participants ample opportunity to write. June is also when Lexington Poetry Month draws many Kentucky writers and therefore seemed natural to take a break at the end of May.

“So many have enjoyed this communal writing experience that we hate to see it come to an end,” Mascle said. “We won’t close the Facebook community and will assess interest in holding another session in July. Some of our teachers were so overwhelmed by pandemic teaching this spring that they could not participate as they hoped.”

Mascle notes MWP’s Writing Retreat 2.0 is not just for teachers or Kentuckians. “All are welcome to join us.” She has shared many of the writing prompts used for weekly open prompts as well as jam sessions on her own blog.

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