(re)Connect with MWP in 2023-2024?

In the before times, the Morehead Writing Project had an active calendar of programs and a definite path to leadership. Now that education and society at large have settled into a new(ish) normal, it is time to rebuild our community of writers, our leadership capacity, and our calendar. 

How do you want to (re)connect with the Morehead Writing Project in 2023-2024?

We are working to meet all three goals by planning three events for our writing project community – October and April events focused on writing and open to writers ages 13 and up (with an emphasis on our active service teachers) and a December event focused on leadership and professional development. In addition, we are gathering a cohort of teacher leaders in our region to create local authentic writing events (from marathons to contests) to foster the development of K-12 writers throughout our region and to inspire unaffiliated teachers and administrators of the power and magic of National Writing Project work.

How do you want to (re)connect with the Morehead Writing Project in 2023-2024?

As writing project teachers and affiliates (including our writing friends and not-yet-NWP-teacher-leaders), we know that writing together is a powerful community-building experience. The pandemic disrupted this essential part of our site work but we are bringing it back this year. We hope many of our teacher-leaders will attend one or both of these events:

  • Write Out Eastern Kentucky: Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023 (inspired by the National Writing Project’s Write Out)
  • Small Poems, Great Writers: Saturday, April 13, 2024 (finding inspiration in poetry for National Poetry Month)

Seating is limited so we ask you to pre-register by completing the (re)connect form so we can plan accordingly.

Last, but not least, we are seeking teachers interested in coaching students at the primary/elementary, intermediate/middle, and high school levels to plan local events and work with site leadership to organize our regional writing and leadership events so every writer in our region has access to a writing community. Teacher leaders can choose the level of participation that matches their personal/professional capacity for this academic year. We hope to build our site capacity and reach each year and rebuild our leadership team in the process.

As we announced last year, the Morehead Writing Project now organizes the Eastern Kentucky Scholastic Writing Contest. We are also in the process of developing programs for intermediate/middle writers and primary/elementary writers in this same region so there are leadership and professional development opportunities for teachers at every level. Even if you are not in a position to take a leadership role this academic year, we hope you will rejoin our community and participate in one or more of our three events this year!

How do you want to (re)connect with the Morehead Writing Project in 2023-2024?