(Sung to the song “12 Days of Christmas”) – During Three Weeks of June, Morehead Writing Project Gave to Me…

The Morehead Writing Project offers much more than the lyrics of this “12 Days of Christmas” parody states, and the numbers in the song are mere approximations, but I would have had to write a much longer list had I included everything you will get out of this one-of-a-kind professional development. Enjoy the parody on this Christmas Eve day,  and I hope it gives you some idea of what the 2016 Morehead Writing Project Summer Institute has to offer.  To learn more about the summer instititute and/or apply, click here!

         Three Weeks in June (A Parody of “12 Days of Christmas”)

During three weeks in summer, Morehead Writing Project gives to you ….

A twelve hundred dollar stipend, (Not the best part, but it sure doesn’t hurt!)

Eleven  better ways to teach kids writing,

Ten writing prompts that will inspire you, 

Nine or more amazing breakfasts,

Eight or more demo lessons,  

Seven  epiphanies regarding writing instruction,

At least six raucous bouts of laughter 

Five teacher hacks you’ll love! (Oh, who am I kidding – you will learn far more than five!)

Four targeted areas  of growth (reader/writer, teacher,  researcher, and leader)

Three follow-up sessions to boost your confidence (Fall Conference, Inquiry Project Preparation, Inquiry Showcase)

You’ll explore two types of writing (personal/professional) 

and, because of this PD, transform children’s and young people’s lives!