Write, learn, grow during 4th Online Summer Institute

The Morehead Writing Project will hold its fourth Online Summer Institute for teachers who cannot attend a traditional National Writing Project Invitational Summer Institute or simply want a new NWP experience.

Our Online Summer Institute is open to educators in every discipline from kindergarten through post-secondary no matter where they may live or spend their summer. If you have access to the web then you can join us June 1-26.

3 reasons teachers should join us this summer:

  • Grow as a writing teacher: Writing within a community of writers is central to the NWP experience and our OSI will include a lot of writing because that is the best way to grow as a writer and writing teacher. That experience will bring many tips you can use in your classroom.
  • Expand your use of technology: As an online professional development experience we will use a wide array of social media and digital publication tools to support our work and will give you many opportunities to learn about these tools and their application for your classroom.
  • Experience project-based learning and gamification: This professional development experience will be shaped around your unique goals and interests in true project-based learning format. This means you will are guaranteed to learn and grow as an educator as well as learn how to apply these methods to your own classroom.

Learn more about the Morehead Writing Project Online Summer Institute here: https://moreheadwritingproject.org/online-summer-institute/

Learn more about how we can help you be the thing that you teach here: http://metawriting.deannamascle.com/notable-notes-we-can-help-you-be-the-thing-you-teach/