Join Morehead WP and #WriteAcrossAmerica

The National Writing Project is hosting a virtual writing marathan #WriteAcrossAmerica through mid-August. So far NWP has shared writing stops in Wisconsin and Arizona and Kentucky is scheduled for July 7.

“Taking part in #WriteAcrossAmerica is a natural part of the work of the Morehead Writing Project,” said Director Dr. Deanna Mascle. “We regularly host writing events such as our writing retreats and Teen Writers Day Out. We felt that participating in #WriteAcrossAmerica was a fitting conclusion for our own virtual writing retreat this spring: Dispatches From Home.”

Mascle notes that participating in NWP initiatives is a great way to connect the work of the local site with the national network. “Joining the #WriteOut work in the fall really added dimension and power to our programs. Connecting writers in Eastern Kentucky with writers around the world is an important part of belonging to the National Writing Project network.”

The Morehead Writing Project hopes that Morehead WP fellows and friends will join the #WriteAcrossAmerica community before July 7 to introduce our home to the world.