Invite a friend to join us at WEKY on Nov. 5

The Writing Eastern Kentucky Conference is coming soon and you haven’t registered yet! You are coming, right? There are many reasons you need to join us on the campus of Morehead State University from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5, and even more reasons to invite a friend!

  1. Celebrate 30 years of the Morehead Writing Project! Did you know that this year marks the 30th year that Morehead State University has served as a site for the National Writing Project? If you are reading this then the Morehead Writing Project has touched your life as a student, writer, or teacher (or the trifecta!). Why not celebrate by joining us for our signature event — the Writing Eastern Kentucky Conference!
  2. WEKY is 8 years old! That’s right our conference is celebrating its 8th birthday this year and we all know that is such a great age. Come join us for this wonderful celebration of writing and the teaching of writing.
  3. It has been too long since your last MWP event. You know it is true. You know you miss us. You know you miss writing and connecting with your friends and you know that you really need a refresher course in being the thing you teach!
  4. Feed the Writer! Is your muse fading from neglect? Come spend the day celebrating writing and feed your writer by surrounding yourself with words and writers.
  5. You need to renew your love of writing and your love of teaching. We feel you. Christmas break is so far away and you are so tired and so busy and so overwhelmed. You just can’t commit to one more thing. But you really, really, need to do this thing — for you, for your family, and for your students. Put on your oxygen mask first or we will all crash and burn!
  6. Poetry Slam. There are words fighting their way to get out of you right now. Come slam with us on Nov. 5 and save yourself a world of hurt and trouble!
  7. You need your Liz Prather fix. That’s right. Liz is going to be there and lead two sessions plus you know she’ll be writing and sharing some awesome stuff during the plenary sessions, too!
  8. Find Your People. Writing can be a lonely business, but it doesn’t have to be on Saturday, Nov. 5. Come write with other writers for six hours and create new writing friendships.
  9. Show your love. WEKY is a great chance to show your friends who write or teach writing what the writing project is all about. Join us and invite a friend you want to join the Morehead Writing Project.

What are your reasons for attending WEKY? Have you signed up yet? Register for WEKY today!