Student Programs, Professional Development, and more: MWP has handcrafted solutions with/for you

While students, parents, and educators continue to struggle with the challenges of pandemic education for the current school year, many are also looking ahead to summer and fall programs to support both students and educators as they navigate through this uncharted territory. The Morehead Writing Project can be exactly the solution you are looking for because our programs are designed with you and for you by Kentucky educators experienced with students just like yours.

Morehead WP is a network of Eastern Kentucky educators with experience working with students from kindergarten through college and across the curriculum. We share your values and beliefs because we live and teach in your community. We know our students, your students, can do anything, be anything, with the right support. We believe in the importance and power of comprehensive literacy education (reading, writing, and critical thinking). We know comprehensive literacy programs can change lives by engaging writers in authentic meaningful work. Writing project work is the right solution for the challenges of pandemic education because our programs build communities, support learners, and change lives. Our student programs and professional development centers creating a community of writers that offers the opportunity for learners to practice essential leadership, collaboration, technology, and research skills along with comprehensive literacy.

Student Programs

If your school or community is interested in offering exciting and challenging project-based learning summer camps or after-school programs, Morehead WP has educators who can help you plan and prepare your staff to lead a program designed to meet comprehensive literacy standards while also engaging students in fun and rewarding activities. We can draw from a wide range of National Writing Project programs including Kid Writing; College, Career, and Community Writing; Civic Journalism; Project-Based Learning; Walk My World (multi-media personal narrative project); American Creed; and Writing Marathons (including NWP’s #WriteAcrossAmerica). In addition, our teacher-leaders commonly offer programs inspiring students to create and write about games, comics, and core values. Morehead WP can work to match you with teacher-leaders with NWP training and experience to offer your program or provide professional development for the educators you have chosen for this program. Contact Dr. Deanna Mascle at Morehead State University ( for more information.

Professional Development

The most powerful transformative professional development experience Morehead WP offers is our Online Summer Institute and we strongly encourage programs to send a team of educators to the 2021 OSI. However, we can also send a team of Morehead WP teacher-leaders to your program, school, or district to deliver targeted professional development to support, plan, and implement comprehensive literacy education for your community. In addition, the Kentucky Writing Project is offering a wide range of summer professional development programs including this offering by MWP leaders: Harnessing the Power of the Writing Marathon, In and Out of the Classroom. Contact Dr. Deanna Mascle at Morehead State University ( for more information about MWP’s 2021 OSI or handcrafted PD.

Combining PD and Student Programs

Embedding professional development within a summer camp or after-school program is another highly effective strategy for education programs. This approach offers all the benefits of our proven Writing Project strategies while also giving educators hands-on experience implementing those techniques with their own students. The embedded PD model works best as wraparound support with MWP teacher-leaders working with your staff to plan the program and then providing regular debriefing workshops to continue their PD journey. Contact Dr. Deanna Mascle at Morehead State University ( for more information about handcraft an embedded PD program for you.

Morehead WP has been serving Eastern Kentucky writers of all ages for more than three decades. Our professional development programs are research-proven and endorsed by the Kentucky Department of Education as well as the National Writing Project. Our entire mission is focused on serving the students and teachers of Eastern Kentucky. For more information contact Site Director Dr. Deanna Mascle at Morehead State University (